Technical Training Held in September

Technical trainingFollowing the request of our subsidiary in the United States (Linden Comansa America, or LCA), part of the engineering team of Linden Comansa’s after-sales Department moved in late September to Pineville, North Carolina, to provide a specialized four-day training to LCA’s customers.

Ricardo Salinas, Linden Comansa’s Service Manager, and Mikel Eusa, Service Engineer, offered this training to more than 30 technicians who came from different parts of the United States. Contractors such as JE Dunn or Sampson Construction, and rental companies as Heede Southeast, Bigge or Julian Crane, all feature Linden Comansa cranes in their fleets and were represented in the training by their top technicians. In addition was the participation of a lifting machinery safety Inspector.

Technical trainingThe conference helped to refresh the fundamental concepts of the Flat-Top modular system, compare the assembly process of the tower cranes and see the climbing systems in detail, both the hydraulic cage and the internal climber. An important part of the training focused on the electrical section: different lifting engines or the electrical diagrams were showcased, and the latest systems from Linden Comansa were unveiled, such as the PowerLift, the EffiPlus system or the frequency control on the slewing movement.

For Ricardo Salinas, “the sessions have been very helpful not only due the training offered by Linden Comansa, but also because we have been able to collect the views of our customers’ technical managers, people with years of experience in a mature market as the American, and thanks to all this information we will be able to improve our products and services. In addition, we put face to people with which we only had contact by e-mail or telephone until now, and meeting each other in person will serve to improve our dialogue and achieve a more fluid communication”.

Technical training
Technical training