LCL Luffing Series

The Linden Comansa LCL Luffing Jib Tower Crane provides a complete range of all electric luffing cranes. With jib lengths up to 213ft, jib end loads up to 10,360lbs and maximum capacity of 66,140lbs these cranes can handle most any lifting requirement. Our luffing jib cranes are the smoothest and most efficient found on the market.

Crane Use
  • Parking position with very reduced ratio
  • Latest generation electronic control system
  • Folding cross base compatible to all COMANSA tower sections
  • Modular mast sections
  • Frequency controlled motors for luffing and hoisting, with positioning quote!
  • Progressive Slewing, with up to 3 motors, sequentially powered up as jib luffed down
  • New generation of digital indicators in the cabin
  • working radius up to 213ft
  • jib end loads up to 10,360lbs
  • max capacity of 66,140lbs