Linden Comansa’s New Environmental Policy

Linden Comansa’s factory in Huarte, Spain

Linden Comansa's factory in Huarte, SpainLinden Comansa’s management has recently approved a new “environmental policy”, which reflects the company’s commitment with the protection of the environment and the promotion of the training and participation of employees to prevent and eliminate pollution.

With the introduction of this system of environmental management, Linden Comansa will develop efficient processes to add value and to allow optimizing the natural resources, reducing the generated waste and lowering the consumed raw materials. This industrial efficiency will be beneficial not only for the company, but also for the society in general.

Linden Comansa environmental policy can be summarized in the following highlights:

  • Search for a more sustainable business model, evaluating the environmental aspects associated with the company’s activity, making emphasis on the consumption of resources, on the waste management processes and on the levels of emissions to the atmosphere, to maintain control of their impact on the environment.
  • Commitment to ensure compliance with the environmental legislation applicable to the company’s activity, to prevent pollution, and to minimize as far as possible the potential generated environmental impact, thus to obtain the continuous improvement in the management and the environmental performance.
  • Linden Comansa's factory in Huarte, SpainAdequately train the staff to improve its involvement and knowledge of their duties with respect to environmental criteria, developing a participatory practice that can generate proposals.
  • Develop an effort of continuous improvement at the production processes within the context of an environmental management system, to allow improving efficiency and being more efficient in the use of resources.
  • Promote the spreading of this policy among all employees, customers, suppliers and the society in general.